Scom-Unity is an independent specialist IT consultancy that provides expertise to customers who are in need of a solution. We are a Dell Partner and specialise in providing cost-effective solutions for the entire System Center Suite. We have a number of highly skilled and qualified consultants, who have many years of designing, documenting and delivering datacenter solutions using the System Center Suite. Their knowledge also extends into a number of different areas including Azure, Virtualisation, PowerShell DSC, Identity Management, Exchange, SQL and Active Directory. From design to delivery, you will be assigned a consultant who will see the project through to its completion. This helps with project management and gives our customer a single point of contact throughout the project lifecycle.


Mark Stone

Mark Stone

Managing Director

Welcome to Scom-Unity Limited

My name is Mark Stone and I started the company in 2010. We primarily focus on the System Center Suite and have recently branched out into Virtualisation and Identity Management. The company model is a simple structure and operates an open book policy that keeps all of our consultants happy. They know exactly how much our customers are being charged and as we have a fixed margin, the consultant gets paid accordingly. This simple clarity improves performance, especially when it comes to the fixed price option. The fixed price is favoured by most of our customers because if we quote for work and we do not factor in every eventuality, we take the hit, not our customers. That is a promise! This also works well for our company as if we quote a fixed price and send 10 consultants to site, a 10 day piece of work is done in 1 day by 10 consultants. Everyone wins!

We specialise in providing cost effective solutions to all our customers, which are always fully documented and supported. Our clients range from small private companies to large outsourcing firms. We partner with Dell and Dimension Data to name a few and help deliver excellence to their customers, regardless of the status of the customer. From schools to Tier One customers, we will deliver the same quality. We also have no preference on customer or location and will travel anywhere to deliver any project.

We provide services in the following areas:

cloud icon 03 SCOM 2012R2 & 2016 Management Group Installation and Configuration

cloud icon 03 SCOM 2012R2 to 2016 Management Group Upgrade

cloud icon 03 Audit Collection Services and Identity Detection

cloud icon 03 SCOM 2012 R2 & 2016 Management Group Health Check

cloud icon 03 Management Pack Tuning and Alert Reduction Services

cloud icon 03 Management Pack Creation using the Visual Studio Authoring Console

cloud icon 03 Interactive Dashboards with full training and support

When it comes to deciding who will trouble-shoot, design or configure your System Center Operations Manager project, whomever you hire will need full access to your environment. Besides having insurance to protect our customers (Professional Indemnity and Public Liability), we also have a number of high profile references that will be more than happy to validate our professional delivery and vouch for our discretion. We also have Security Cleared consultants to service our customers who require this level of clearance.

We use feedback to ensure the company one step ahead of our competition and this honest review system provides our future clients with the assurance that their infrastructure is in safe hands. The other point to consider is that if you do elect to go with another company, it is highly likely that they will subcontract Scom-Unity as a third party and ask us to work under the pseudonym of their company name to deliver your project. The only difference in this scenario is price! The price difference is normally as much as double (2x) our cost. However, our delivery is the same regardless of whether we are hired privately or supplied through an outsourcing company. Our attention to detail is thorough and we always provide our customer with quality.

On a personal note, if I do not believe we can deliver your project, I never take the chance. I will however find you the right person for your project. I am only a phone call away and happy to help. Thank you for viewing our website and have a lovely day,

Mark Stone
Managing Director

about us

Development Work
Our consultants are often tasked with designing solutions to successfully monitor and alert our clients bespoke applications and we enjoy delivering this service. We educate the customer by offering different solutions and this knowledge transfer of investigating different ways of achieving the most cost effective efficient monitoring solution is something we pride ourselves on. From designing PowerShell management pack objects to designing performance rules using VBScript, we have designed multiple bespoke management packs which help the client see the health of their application on a single page in real-time. If needed, we can then display their solution on our custom dashboard solution. An example of this work can be seen in our dashboard images.

about us

The Team
Our team of consultants are not employed by SCOM-Unity but are instead part of the SCOM-Unity family. Our Managing Director, Mark Stone, spent many years finding the best in the business and forged lasting business relationships to ensure he had an expert team of professionals for his clients. It was imperative that the team understood that providing clients with a superb service at an affordable and fair price, was 50% of the secret to why SCOM-Unity are so successful. The other 50% is teamwork! Our consultants provide each other with knowledge and having this kind of a resource helps us design your solution with different options. Our consultant database allows SCOM-Unity to always find the right person to deliver your solution and we never fail. We are different to all our competitors because the consultant you get is vetted, rated and  the best person for the job at an affordable price. We look forward to working with you.

Tero Ilenius

Solutions Architect at 3 Step IT

“Mark is easy to connect with, provides precise information to work and keeps up agreements. And he’s a nice guy on top of that, too!”