Alert Reduction (>60%):

In a previous engagement we solved a 3 year problem in less than 1 hour from our arrival on site. We were able to reduce the amount of alerts per month from 12000 to 900 and will gladly give you referees who can ratify this figure. We have a reputation for reducing the alerts by >60% for our clients by simply tuning the infrastructure by looking at your ODR Report and then implementing our Alert Manager Management pack.

Below is the workflow of the Alert Manager Management Pack:


Management Pack Creation using Scripting with Dashboard Output:

We use a wide variety of ideas to provide our clients with solutions. From WMI information to PowerShell queries – From VB Scripts to Bash Scripts combined with executables – From LDAP queries embedded in a VB Script – It is our job to create solutions that will retrieve the information our clients require. This includes practical and efficient solutions for the following platforms: Wintel, UNIX and Linux. We can build Management Packs for anything because we know that SCOM will monitor absolutely everything. We can take all your daily manual work (e.g. Morning Checks) and build them into a management pack that uses a scheduler and specific secure credentials to run and then display the results on a RAG dashboard.

An example of our recent development is Data Centre Monitoring where we designed monitors to measure the PUE (Power Utilisation Efficiency) which is measured in kW and displayed on a live dashboard.


SCOM Disaster Recovery:

Recently we helped recovered a local government SCOM Management Group. The original design that had been installed was not fit for purpose and the documentation was unavailable. We got the call on Friday afternoon and were given a Monday morning deadline. We agreed a fixed price and by midnight on Sunday, the entire project was complete and fully documented. The client had given us full access to their environment and the team worked all weekend. The end result was that our new client was extremely happy and we were able to provide them with more than what they wanted. Audit Collection Services was integrated into their dashboard and the handover was completed in 45 minutes on Monday morning.